The Different Types and Styles of Baby Headbands

These days, you can’t just take a simple photo of your baby. Even if you want and prefer a simple or minimalist style, a lot of effort has to go into achieving that effortless look. The irony right? Welcome to 2018. This has caused parents to create special accounts for their babies branding them as toddler or infant fashionistas. People can’t seem to get enough of baby fashion trends such as a colorful baby headband, metallic colored loafers, sheer lace, and themed backpacks just to name a few.

One reason for this uptick in interest and popularity is the invention of social media. The beautiful baby pictures pop up on Facebook every minute. Mom’s want to show off their precious little babies in their cute outfits and matching headbands.The nature of a baby headband makes it literally impossible for a baby not to look cute when wearing one – it’s just the way it is.  Baby headbands are colorful and capture the attention of anyone and transform a seemingly bland photo into a masterpiece. Most of us look back at our baby pictures and cringe with embarrassment but not the babies of this generation. Some are already Instagram and Facebook famous, with hundreds of thousands of followers and fans. Gone are the days when celebrity babies were the only focus of attention, they still are but so are Instagram babies who have acquired fame in their own rights.The popularity of social media has caused increased need for baby photo shoots and has taken baby fashion to a new level.

Types of Baby Headbands

There are different types of baby headbands and new designs and style enter the market frequently. It can be hard to keep up what’s on trend but be rest assured, this least will cover the most common and recent types of baby headbands.

Feathered Baby Headband

These types of baby headbands are designed with feathers as the name implies but artificial feathers. These feathers are made in different colors and sizes and then attached to either a plastic or cloth base to hold them in place and in a specific pattern. If the base is plastic, it’s best to not buy it for a newborn because their heads are still soft but you can use it for a toddler who has a full head of hair.

Embellished Baby Headbands

Embellished baby headbands are ideal for a Christmas or new years party or if you are taking your baby to a wedding. Embellished baby headbands can be made of plastic or fabric, thick or skinny, and work best with updos or toddlers with long hair. The fun thing about embellished headbands is that they can range from sequins and rhinestones to a simple bow. They have the ability to make your baby look very sophisticated and send the message “I’m here to party!” Embellished does not always have to mean extravagant; it can be very simple.

Chiffon Baby Headbands

Chiffon is a soft and ethereal fabric that’s great for babies. They come in flower motifs which are just beautiful and airy. They are available in different colors and are perfect for any age including for newborns. Keep in mind that newborns should wear as few accessories as possible and only on special occasions like when you need to take a picture for example.

Knitted Bows Baby Headbands

Baby headbands with knitted bows are a wonderful choice if you want something unique. They come in beautifully knitted bows in various colors arranged over a simple band. They come in different designs and colors for a new look every day. They are also available in crochet form and can be easily customized.

Ruffle Ribbons Baby Headband

This is another headband that’s available in crochet. The ruffle ribbon pattern headband on a stretchable base made with crochet pattern. Ruffles are always great for outings and go well with dresses. The variety of headband styles available make it easy to style any kind of look. Crocheted headbands offer comfort as well as colorfulness to your baby’s look. The flowery design and availability in many bright colors make this the perfect accessory for any girlie-girl. Toothed headbands come in either metal or plastic materials and hold the hair in place perfectly — they also add volume to your baby’s hair, making them a perfect addition to medium or long hairstyles. Scarves make an ideal headband if you are the creative type. They come in many colors, prints, and styles, and can be tied simply or elegantly to create the look of your choice.

Crochet Baby Headband

We’ve already mentioned crochet several times in this article because crochet is good as a base for other styles of headbands. However, crochet is also great on their own with no added designs.They provide fusion, support, and style and also provide comfort. They can come in lots of embellishments on the top which imparts a fashionable look to this piece. You can always dress your little infant in this comfortable piece which is stretchable and easy to wear.

Faux Fur Baby Headbands

Faux fur is a classy material and faux fur headbands are great for the cold months as they provide warmth while also being a stylish accessory. They are great to match with a  coat or jacket. Style your baby with a white fur headband and white coat on a snowy day to give that extra personality and presence.

Tiara Baby Headbands

Tiaras have always been in fashion for little girls and every little girl who wants to be a princess will demand a tiara and you best provide it. Tiara headbands are an answer to this problem. Instead of getting custom tiaras from party city, you can get nice tiara like headbands that can be used on different occasions. You can dress your baby girl like a princess by making her wear this enticing piece which looks like a cute little crown with flowers and leaves. They come in different color combinations so that you can pick the one which matches with a Princess dress for your toddler. You can also get different princess themed headbands like Snow White, Belle, Cinderella and much more.

Flower Baby Headbands

Flower headbands can come in different styles like chiffon as mentioned above but you can also get actual flower headbands. These headbands are made to look exactly like flowers, like roses, sunflowers, orchids, lilies etc. Flower headbands are a perfect choice for little girls. They come in various satin, chiffon and ribbon flowers along with their combinations which ensure a diverse look and feel.

Classic Plastic Headbands

The most simple of all headband styles is the plastic headband which remains a stylish hair accessory. Skinny plastic headbands come in practically every color under the sun and remain popular with teens and tweens and even Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl wore a fair share of these. But there’s no age limit on this particular style of headbands. Skinny plastic headbands work as a great style accessory for short coifs. The thin line adds a bit of style and color to your look while still allowing your short hair to shine. The biggest complaint about plastic headbands, in general, is the pressure it puts on the temple after long wear. Thankfully, it is no longer the only style of headband you have to lean.